MyGrillie 2-Pack



MyGrillie 2-Pack


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“DONE in ONE” The patented Grillie is an all stainless steel wire mesh cylinder that is designed to BBQ all the food that you normally could not grill. For example Grillie will grill asparagus, string beans, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, french fries, meatballs, salmon and peaches and even Nutella and Fresh Fruit desserts. Now you can easily cook for 16 people with four Grillies in less than 15 minutes.

Fill the Grillie with 2 lbs. of meat or chicken or 1 lb. of spinach or 2 lbs. of fish, the Grillie holds more food, cooks quicker and better than any other grill device.

The Grillie makes a compete meal without the need for side dishes. You can also grill hamburgers the traditional way and add your favorite missing side dish, French Fries! Add a pack of frozen seasoned french fries in the Grillie and have some of the best crispy fries, Grillie Fries! Yes, Hamburgers and French Fries! 80 BBQ wings in 15 minutes and never once turn over the wings. Easy to clean and so easy to use. Be a gourmet grill master with the Grillie.

Two Grillies can grill a main course for 8 people. 40 meatballs with onions, garlic and celery is a classic Grillie meal. Grill string beans, broccoli or brussel sprouts for eight people. Two Grillies are great, however as you Grillie you may want at least 4-5 Grillies. Grill 80 BBQ wings with 4 Grillies in 15 minutes.

SIZE: The Grillie is 14″ long and 5″ in diameter. How much food can the Grillie hold? The Grillie will can be filled with up to 2 lbs of meat or 1 lb of spinach.

Every Grillie comes with the Grillie body the Grillie cap and a Grillie key to pull off the cap.

Grillie is dishwasher safe!


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