Birth Month Flower Cosmetic Bag Personalized Women’s Leather Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed – Cute Birthday Gift for Her



Birth Month Flower Cosmetic Bag Personalized Women’s Leather Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed – Cute Birthday Gift for Her


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This custom-made moonflower cosmetic bag will never fade in her gentle hands. This is a unique flower gift! Add a sexy touch to a premium soft leather cosmetic bag engraved with her birth flower. From roses, daisies and poppies, to any other exotic birthday flowers, there’s always something to accentuate her gentle nature.
This cosmetic bag is roomy enough to store all your beauty essentials yet compact enough for travel. The leather cosmetic bag can be customized with a waterproof lining and small interior pockets for more advanced organization.
⭐Details and Features:
• Soft pebbled leather
• Handmade
• With leather casters
Durable zipper • Convenient capacity • Sophisticated color palette
• Lined custom toiletry bag with an extra small pocket inside/
• Unlined
Inside the cosmetic bag
No extra small pockets • Can be printed with decorative patterns

📏Personalized size:
Cosmetic bag dimensions: W 7″ x H 4″ x D 2″ (18 x 10 x 5 cm)

✔️Customization options:
• With or without lining • 6 colors

• With or without personalization

With many different types of flowers to choose from, you can create the perfect long-distance gift that will please her and be convenient. Beautifully engraved with rosebuds, poppy buds or any other birthday bud, this personalized cosmetic bag is a great addition to a Mother’s Day gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift or graduation gift.
🎁 Loved for its versatile and practical design, this custom cosmetic bag is designed to emphasize gentle femininity. This leather toiletry bag can be customized with a waterproof lining, unique decorative monogram pattern, and elegant colors, making it a thoughtful gift for her. Not only is it an ideal gift for yourself or a bridesmaid proposal gift, but the Monogram cosmetic bag is always chosen as an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, graduation, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day gift.
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💎 This is a toiletry bag that women love because of its natural, buttery soft material. This cosmetic bag is handcrafted from pebbled leather, a thick, soft natural leather with a unique pattern. Pebbled leather is soft, elastic and comfortable to the touch. Its water-resistant properties ensure that the leather won’t leave stains on your clothes.

🔶 The sturdy zipper is of high quality and durable, ensuring easy and smooth pulling. The cosmetic bag is made of polyester sewing thread, which is durable, stretchy and long-lasting. The option of a waterproof lining means extra benefits for your makeup bag. There are small pockets inside.

This leather cosmetic bag is conveniently sized to store the essentials you need without taking up too much space in your women’s bag.

❓ Why is leather better than vinyl?
Leather is made by tanning the skins or hides of animals. The material is rich, stretchy and soft to the touch. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a synthetic substance composed of resin or plastic. This material is versatile and has many uses (such as vinyl record cards or vinyl flooring). However, the most popular use is as a leather substitute. Although vinyl looks almost identical to leather, there is a significant difference in quality between the two. Leather is much stronger than vinyl and will last longer if properly cared for. Leather will become softer over time. Softness is undoubtedly a very important attribute of any bag. Vinyl production has evolved over the years, but like most synthetic materials, the material is more susceptible to cracking or cracking.

❓ How should I care for my leather cosmetic bag?
Pebbled leather is very easy to care for, so follow these simple tips to keep your toiletry bag looking like new for years to come.
To clean leather, use alcohol-free wipes. If the leather becomes wet, allow it to dry naturally; do not use artificial heat to dry it faster.

❓ Should I use some oil to treat my pebbled leather cosmetic bag?
You don’t have to apply any oil to the surface of pebbled leather, but you should treat the leather with a small amount of hand cream every 2-3 months to keep it softer for longer.

❓ Is a cosmetic bag a good gift?
A monogrammed makeup bag is the ultimate bridesmaid gift because this accessory is both stylish and functional. Your best friend’s makeup bag will not only be used on your wedding day, but will also serve your daily and travel needs for years to come. Plus, a monogram pack makes a thoughtful, personalized gift


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